Kinex - K4X-tend Knee CPM

Brand : Kinex

The Kinex K4X-tend Knee CPM is a device that is used immediately following a procedure allowing the patient’s limb to remain passive. The patient’s leg is able to fully extend and flex while reducing pain and inflammation. The unique hard heal cup provides extra support for the leg and the rigid plastic thigh pads maximize the stability while the machine is in use.


Indications for Use

The Kinex K4X-tend Knee CPM is prescribed following a number of procedures including but not limited to; total knee replacement, knee scope, ACL tears, osteoarthrosis, and meniscus tear.


Features and Benefits

  • Reduces rehab costs by allowing patients to use for a longer period of time than physical therapy alone
  • Provides full extension and flexion of the knee
  • Speeds healing by allowing joint to bend but not pull on incision site
  • Helps prevent post-operative complications and need for revision