Kinex - Maestra Hand CPM

Brand : Kinex

Kinex Straight-Bar Maestra Hand CPM – The Kinex Straight-Bar Maestra Hand CPM device is designed for use with posttraumatic contractures or hand stiffness following surgery or an injury. The stable platform design offers repeatable positioning and dependability. The patient is able to relax in this supportive CPM improving compliance. Adequate force is available for large and stiff hands.

Straight-Bar Set Up – Fitting the hand to the CPM is now much easier and more anatomically correct with the Kinex adjustable finger slides.

Individual Finger ROM – Individual finger ROM is achieved by adding Kinex variable-length finger slides.

Kinex CPM Splint and Glove – The Kinex custom CPM splint is designed for one-handed application, position repeatability and stability. The Kinex palm-less glove attaches to the Kinex CPM splint in a taut posture. This configuration improves compliance do to easy application and removal.

Intrinsic Minus or Isolated IP Flexion – The Kinex Straight-Bar Maestra Hand CPM Device switch’s easily from a composite fist set up to an intrinsic minus set up or finger hyper-extension
set up.

The Hand CPM Device is designed with a carry handle for easy transport to and from the patients home. The hand CPM is typically used chair side but can also be set up on or next to a bed for nighttime use if desired.