Precision Ice - Precision Ice

Precision Ice® works by using a patented system that stimulates the movement and drainage of fluid using hydrostatic pressure in the interstitial tissues with the ability to simultaneously apply steady and intermittent cold therapy to injured areas. The system is designed to boost the body’s immune response, reduce pain and swelling, and generally rejuvenate body tissue. Designed with the understanding of the body’s physiology and its natural healing process, the most effective way to reduce swelling and promote optimum healing is through the lymphatic system. This system carries bacteria, metabolic waste and proteins away from the injured site. It is only through the lymphatic system that these elements and excess fluids can properly be removed from the various tissues. Precision Ice unit is portable, lightweight, soft-sided and collapsible. It is a closed system unit, already ready to use with or without ice.

Features & Benefits

  • Natural distal to proximal compression
  • Gentle manipulation of the skin
  • Unique Intermittent gradient compression
  • High/Low differential pressure
  • Rapid Healing of Soft Tissue Injuries and Trauma
  • Enhances the Distal to Proximal Lymphatic Flow
  • Portable, Lightweight and Soft-Sided