Kinex - Straight-Bar 8091 Hand CPM

Brand : Kinex

The Kinex Straight-Bar 8091 Hand CPM device is designed for post-op use especially following a surgical release, tendon repair or soft tissue procedure. The dorsal design, adjustable wrist hinge, Kinex one-handed application CPM splint, and Kinex palm-less glove offer easy application and removal without stressing the repair.

Features & Benefits:

  • Straight-Bar Set Up – Fitting the hand to the CPM is now much easier and more anatomically  correct with the Kinex custom fitting straight-drive bar and adjustable finger slides.
  • Individual Finger ROM – Individual finger ROM is achieved by adding Kinex variable-length finger slides.
  • Kinex CPM Splint – Kinex CPM splint is designed for unassisted single hand application. The splint is made from aluma-foam so it custom fits to any forearm and hand size.