T-Rex Ankle Unit – Total Range Exerciser

T-REX ANKLE Advantages: 

  • T-REX Ankle is only device in physio rehabilitative market that is an automated remote control powered unit that allows for Dorsi Flexion and Plantar Flexion Range of Motion Therapy with Static Progressive Stretching.
  • T-REX Ankle is only powered device that allows Dorsi Flexion and Plantar Flexion strength training (eccentric, concentric, isometric).
  • T-REX Ankle allows patient to engage in true Ankle Range Of Motion therapy by focusing all treatment directly on the Ankle joint.
  • T-REX Ankle is an independent, stand-alone, small and lightweight device that can be used anywhere as it is used independently on any chair.
  • T-REX Ankle unit allows patient to visualize their actual Range of Motion measurements to track progress.
  • T-REX Ankle allows for up to 20 degrees of Dorsiflexion      .
  • T-REX Ankle allows for up to 45 degrees of Plantarflexion.