T-Rex Shoulder Unit – Total Range Exerciser

T-REX Shoulder Rehab System provides a non-surgical treatment alternative for Range of Motion (ROM) loss to the shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis, also known as “frozen shoulder”) through patent-pending physical therapy equipment. Patients suffering from Frozen Shoulder, who are experiencing difficulty with their ROM, may be able to avoid corrective surgery (e.g. manipulation under anesthesia or lysis of adhesions) by utilizing the T-REX Shoulder as an adjunct “home based” physical therapy device.

TREX is the ONLY home based Rehabilitative Shoulder System in the world with a tri-actuator design that allows patient to engage in all 7 shoulder ROM exercises from one machine.

7 ROM Movements:

  1. Forward Abduction
  2. Forward Adduction
  3. Forward Flexion
  4. Internal Rotation
  5. External Rotation
  6. Horizontal Abduction
  7. Horizontal Adduction
  • T-REX allows for therapy exercises to be achieved by patient from a variety of “planes.”
  • ┬áT-REX is power driven for patient convenience and provides a simple to use remote controller allowing for finite and precise incremental control.
  • T-REX provides up to 675 pounds of force (3000n of force) capability.
  • T-REX allows for variable pre-set limits so patients do not exceed instructed ROM limits during any session.
  • T-REX allows for patient controlled serial stretching sessions or repetitive “end range” recycling at push of a button.