PTDial - Tennis Arm Band

Brand : PTDial

An advanced arm band for the treatment and prevention of lateral and medial epicondylitis (better known as tennis and golfer’s elbow).

These conditions can result from any task involving strenuous, awkward or repetitive grip or finger motion.

Such tasks take place at home, work, or leisure or may result from sporting activities. 

  • Forearm bands or braces are used to compress an area just
    below and on either side of the elbow
  • This reduces pulling forces from muscles fibers at their attachment
    to either boney prominence, the lateral or medial “epicondyle”
  • Developed by Brad Ross, a Canadian physical therapist, PTDial™
    uses a quick and easy DIAL ADJUSTMENT to balance
    protection & pain control with comfort
  • Comfortably fits below crease
  • Easily positioned
  • Targets the critical tissues
  • Just dial the amount of relief you require
  • Ideal for sports, training, everyday use