Compression Solutions - Triple Play VT

The Triple Play VT provides three therapies in one portable lightweight system that fits in the palm of your hand.

  • Lifesaving DVT prevention
  • Compression therapy to reduce swelling and speed healing
  • Cold therapy pain relief without messy, melting ice and water

The Triple Play VT unit weighs less than a pound, allowing patients more mobility while following doctor’s orders. Up to 17 hours of cordless use before recharging.

DVT Prophylaxis–Asymmetrical, sequential, graduated compression is applied from ankle to knee, duplicating the blood flow of an ambulating patient. The pre-set pressure cycle helps prevent dangerous blood clots deep inside the leg, post-surgery.

Cold and Compression Therapy–Technologically advanced, the Triple Play VT offers alternating, intermittent compression applied at regular intervals to reduce swelling. One-button technology allows the patient to adjust the compression to their tolerance level and/or their doctor’s recommendation.

Triple Play VT’s form-fitting, gel-filled, re-freezable knee and shoulder wraps are better than ice, and promote patient compliance with doctor’s orders. The non-toxic gel is malleable direct from the freezer, bringing instant pain relief with no risk of tissue damage due to overexposure to cold.

No other product gets you back in the game as quickly and cost-effectively after sports injury or surgery. Triple Play VT is ultra-portable and lightweight, and uses cutting-edge technology to provide simultaneous cold and compression therapy plus the DVT prophylaxis of brands you’ve seen before. Small and powerful, the Triple Play VT accelerated healing system is better because there’s no ice or water needed–the patient uses Triple Play VT’s gel-filled shoulder and knee wraps.