Kinex Modified 8091 Hand CPM

Cable Connection

  • Connect the hand control cable to the back of the motor unit by lining up the RED DOTS. This cable plugs straight into the motor unit. DO NOT TRY TO TURN THE CONNECTOR! If this connection is not made properly, the hand control display will indicate “CONNECT”.
  • To disconnect the cable, simply pull the serrated surface on the connection.To change Pronation or Supination:

1. Place your fingers in the glove. 2. PushtheSTART/STOPbutton.

To Increase/Decrease Flexion or Extension:

  1. To change Flexion, press the Flexion Button.
  2. Whilethevalueisflashing,pressthen(+)toincreaseorthe (-) to decrease.
  3. TochangeExtension,presstheExtensionButton.
  4. Whilethevalueisflashing,pressthen(+)toincreaseorthe (-) to decrease.Kinex Modified 8091 Hand CPM Machine Instructions