W2 Wrist

Power Supply

Power can be supplied in one of two ways.

1. Theexternalwalltransformerwhichisprovidedwiththe unit. This transformer plugs into the battery pack and then into the wall outlet. If the transformer is plugged into the wall, this will charge the battery.

2. Thebatterypackcanbeusedwithoutusingthewall transformer.

Setting Range of Motion

• To set the range of motion in any of the three planes of motion options: depress and rotate the limit stops to the prescribed range of motion on the goniometer.

Start and Stop the Machine

• Slide the power switch to the small or large person figure. The small figure will set the machine to the low force reversal while the larger figure sets it for higher force reversal. To turn the machine off, slide the switch to the Power Off position.W2 Wrist CPM Machine Instructions

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