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Our support department is here to service customers with technical support on any of our products.

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Return Policy

It is the policy of Team Post-Op Inc., to accept returns as described in our supplier standards.  If there is a deficiency or failure with your pre-fabricated or custom-fabricated product, a replacement may be sent to you free of charge. We honor manufacturer warranties.  If product is defective or does not properly fit, then you must notify TPO of the problem within 72 hours of receiving the product. 

Many of our products are for single patient use only. Therefore, for the protection of all our customers, we DO NOT accept returns due to sanitary reasons. Team Post-Op Inc., makes the assumption that once a device, or its accessories have been delivered, they have been used.  Therefore we cannot accept returns after delivery of the product, since we cannot accurately verify whether a unit has or has not been used. However, if there is a product deficiency or failure, Team Post-Op Inc., will gladly exchange it for another new, unused product within the manufacturer’s warranty period. Some of our non-returnable items include but are not limited to: Cold Therapy Units and Parts (Pads, hoses, etc.) and Electrodes.

On our rental products, we have implemented rigid protocols to make sure all equipment is in excellent condition before it is delivered to patient. We keep stringent cleaning, maintenance, and repair records on all equipment and we make these documents available to all accreditation agencies. We will gladly exchange any rental equipment within 24 hours if it is not working properly.

Items Billed to Your Insurance:

Items billed to your insurance company follows your insurance billing guidelines. These rates are determined by your insurance company and not Team Post Op. Please note retail and internet pricing does NOT apply.  Your financial responsibility is based on your insurance contractual reimbursement and not retail/internet values. Benefit information provided and obtained authorization are not a guarantee of payment.  Your insurance makes the final decision on your benefit and claim payment.

Please contact Team Post-Op Inc., at 305-252-0963 with questions or comments regarding our return policy.


Customer Satisfaction

Team Post Op has performance guarantees through quantitative measures producing high customer service satisfaction. We are focused on earning the loyalty and trust of the professional health care community and its patients.
TPO commits to:

  • Deliver 100% of all orders within 24 hours – excluding custom and specialty products.
  • All representatives are properly licensed to provide delivery’s to patients homes as well as certified through Vendormate Healthcare Systems to provide delivery at Hospitals.
  • In accordance with patients’ Bill of Rights, TPO agrees to properly instruct the patient and/or caregiver on the proper use and maintenance of product(s).
  • Field Representative will wear a company Team Post Op “polo-shirt” so that he or she can be properly identified by patient or care-giver thereby providing a greater sense of safety.
  • Field Representative will leave a business card with name and cell number in case patient or care-giver has any follow up questions or issues.
  • Make available a customer satisfaction survey that is to be mailed directly to our office and yours in order to monitor the satisfaction of your customers.
  • Provide 24 hour emergency service and replacement for any product to all patients.
    We have a Multi-lingual staff, both in the office and out in the field.